Project Description

Market Analysis

Whether a start up or an established business, it’s important to understand changing customer trends. Asking the right questions can generate meaningful information about your company and/or its customers. To fully grasp your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) taking a look at the characteristics of your business is critical. There are internal and external factors that are positive and negative to achieve your objective. Immersion Marketing can create a full marketing plan or focus on a specific area that needs more attention. This documented investigation helps with planning decisions around inventory, promotional activities and product development.


  • Market Segmentation
    o Establish sub-groups
    o Identify profitable segments
    o Growth potential
    o Identify target markets

  • Positioning
    o Product positioning
    o Marketing techniques
  • Differentiation
    o Distinguish from competitors
    o Product research
  • Reporting
    o Customer analysis
    o Competitor analysis
    o Market trends
    o Market size and potential
    o Survey creation and analysis